A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That!

The one thing I absolutely love about Country Roads is that we have a little bit of "everything". I had intended to have a variety of pictures to share, but because we were SO busy today, I wasn't able to do that. But, hey being busy is a good thing!

We started today off "running" as soon as we opened. We have a lot of square footage at the store, inside alone is over 12,000 sq feet so we have to be ready to "run" when our day starts! What that means, you've got to be able to move, to multi task and take care of five things at once. It can be exhausting!

I think what keeps our customers coming back is not only the amount of different types of things we carry and the quality of our merchandise, but also our customer service. That is why we all have to be able to "move" when it comes to helping our customers. We've got run after the stuff when the customers don't want to walk back and get it! We go run after it for them.

Display also play an important part of our store. When you set up little vignettes, it's not only appealing to the eye, but it gives our customers ideas for their own homes. On days like today, when I come home with my feet and legs aching & wiped out from being busy, it is a good feeling!! I like to be slammed and work when it's crazy. The exhaustion at days end has been worth it when we see how well we have done when you look at the totals for the day!! If you like country primitives, Ginny has the best! Just go to my side bar and click Ginny's Awesome Antiques. I put together a slideshow of some of her stuff. I promise you the "eye candy" doesn't get much sweeter than this. We are in the process of allowing our customers to purchase stuff that they see in the blogs. You just have to call the store and have a credit card ready!


Jacque said...

The store looks great, but no baby pics??? Glad you had a busy day, business has been good lately here too. Take care ~Jacque

Malisa said...

I'm with Jacque! We want baby pictures! I imagine we might have a few tomorrow since Baby Morgan comes home today! Enjoyed looking at store pics. Am going to your sidebar to look at the slide show now!


Sue said...

I don't want to overdue my baby pix's, although tonight is the "Riley Meets Morgan" party at my house, so I'm sure a could find a way to post a pix or two of the occassion!

The Texas Woman said...

I held a baby at a garage sale yesterday and it was so nice. I remembered why I had so many kids.

The Texas Woman

Teresa said...

Love that last vignette.