It's Time For "Bloomin Tuesday"

This is one of my very favorite sunflowers, as the sun brightly shines behind it! And it keeps getting taller and taller each day.
Seems like I've got many of my purple and lavendar plants blooming right now.
I've got many of my bulbs in the garden blooming right now. It's always a nice surprise when they pop up out of no where. I love working in my garden, and I'm not sure if I mentioned, I only buy my plants at one place: Johnny Merle's Garden & Nursery. My oldest daughter Brande owns it, and it sits right behind Country Roads. Besides the great plants, succulents, and Annie's Annuals you will find here, I love the garden setting, how its matured over all these years. I put together a little slideshow below so you can visualize what I'm talking about. Brande named the gardens after her Gramma, who was my mom. I know she would be proud!
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For more really awesome gardens, go visit Ms.Green Thumb Jean!! You will find some amazing gardens when you stop by for a visit.


Teri said...

That red sunflower is just so strikingly beautiful and different.


Suzanne said...

So much blooming on the slideshow! Loved the sunflower -- ours won't bloom till the end of August!

Carla said...

O, this is my favorite type of place to prowl (I mean visit), Love your sunflower, and balloon flower?, so pretty. Thank you for sharing:)

Sherrie said...

Beautiful Sunflower! Never saw a red one before. I love the garden center! I would love to have one around here like that. Have a great day!!


delighted heart said...

WOW everything is so green and BIG! How do you do it? Oh I forgot You are in California where stuff grows all year round! I need my garden to look like yours for this wedding in 3 weeks! The Texas heat is already getting to our stuff and it's only June. Love the sun flower! I think I need to have a "design my garden" contest on my blog with a big prize for the best design...shoot I'd give a prize for any help! LOL Morgan's room is so cute...and she is just beautiful!

The Renaissance Chick said...

Purty flowers but not nearly as pretty as those two granddaughters!


Jean said...

The red sunflower is amazing! That nursery looks like my kind of place. It's probably good I don't live close. lol! Great video. Jean

Elena said...

Love the color of that sunflower!

Laurie and Chris said...

Love the color of your sunflower!!

trash talk said...

What fun to have all that behind your store! I love the name. I think names back when were so much cooler than ours. It was always two...not just one and sounded so much more important.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Sue! Saw your house in the new Romantic Homes...Congrats!!!! Looks great!!!!