Being Anonymous?

Do you ever notice when people feel the need to be anonymous? The really cool people that choose to be anonymous sometimes have done a great deed, or donated lots of money to a charity and don't want any recogintion for it. Lately I've been encountering the not so cool anonymous people. Yesterday I put together a slide show of Country Roads. I posted it below on my blog and and also sent it out to our 2500 "Email Express" customers. So, today I get an email stating, "take me off your list, I will NEVER shop in your store EVER! Let's remember, my customers "choose" to be on the list, I don't stand at the counter and hold their arm painfully behind their back until they cry uncle and sign up! So, always wanting to improve my business, I take their name off the list and return an email to them that basically asks for feedback in what we have done to cause this reaction and how I can't correct things unless I know what mistakes I've made. Today's response from the above email was anonymous again, of course, and said, "you were way out of line and very cruel to a dear friend of mine and I will NEVER spend money in your store again". I'm always a little taken back when I read things like that.

I just kept thinking about it all morning, and I have to admit, it did bother me! I'm far from perfect, and I can be a dumbass at times, but I would never consider myself "cruel". I remember the last time I flipped out on a customer, and it wasn't pleasant and it over five years ago and that girl actually likes me now and calls me by name to help her. She had it coming, but it's no excuse I should have kept it together nonetheless. I am just not a cruel person. Then I started thinking about last September or October. When Ruthie left the store, I had created about four dealer spaces out of her one space. And out of the four new dealers that came in, I had to give three of them notice to leave the store because they misrepresented themselves. Their merchandise was poor quality and nothing like the pictures that they showed me in regards to what they were going to bring into Country Roads. It was a very hard thing for me to do, believe me, it hurts because I know it is going to hurt their feelings. This is a very personal business. One girl I had given notice to walked by the counter and gave me a dirty look and then told one of the kids that was working at the store that "Sue is a really mean lady". Believe me, I'm not cruel or mean. The other dealer that had to leave begged to stay but she had toldly misrepresented herself. She had orange tp and paper towels for the Fall and her space looked like Pic n Save clearance. I'm pretty sure this was one of her friends that signed anonymous. I owe my good dealers the respect of only bringing in qualified dealers, that is what makes a successful business. You know, if you have something to say to me, then say it but have the courtesy to at least sign you name. To anonymous, "bless your little heart" as my buddy Malisa would say! And to the customer today that came in and walked up to me and said, "I loved the slide show, you are a smart woman for doing that", thank you, and thank you for the $1000 you spent shopping as well. Country Roads does have wonderful customers, its just those little cowardly "anonymous" ones we could all live without!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Always a trouble maker in the crowd, but cuddos to you for picking quality dealers. I've been in so many shops that could be a good one but then there's the one with a computer in their booth and orange TP, it's not a resale shop or it doesn't indicate that on the front, it says antique shop. Just remember it's their problem with their attitude and not yours. We can only be the best we can and remember we all have our moments!!

Malisa said...

It was probably the woman who keeps pooping on the floor of the public restroom! Or maybe the lady who wanted the "special discount". However,it was probably the daughter you criticized for treating her mother/your friend like poop! Whatever! We love you!

Malisa...oops, I mean Anonymous!

trash talk said...

In the words of Flo ..."they can just kiss your grits!". As a vendor at Zapp Hall it is a great feeling knowing our show promoter has my back in just this same way.
You have to protect your peeps and I admire you for having the aplomb to handle what could be a very difficult situation with grace.

Jacque said...

If someone has true legitimate reasons to be unhappy with another why would they choose to be anonymous? ~Jacque

The Texas Woman said...

Jacque is SO right!

The Texas Woman