Spring Gardening

I absolutely LOVE this time of year for gardening. With all the rain we've had this year, my garden is looking so full and everything is blooming at once. I have hollyhocks coming up everywhere. I did buy some new black hollyhocks last week from Johnnye Merle Gardens. That's the garden behind the store that my oldest daughter owns and named after my Mom! I've never had black hollyhocks before.  On a post I did a couple of weeks about my hollyhocks and how they are growing everywhere, especially in really bad soil,  Maureen told me that is "why" hollyhocks grow so well. They love the poor soil! So, the new black hollyhocks went into a part of the garden that doesn't have the best soil! Only time will tell. Below are just a few of my favorite pictures. Everything is growing so beautifully right now and the roses are getting ready to bloom right now and day now.

I always love when my Mary Lou Heard rose blooms. Heard's Garden and Nursery was such a beautiful place. It is nice that we can carry on Mary Lou's memory with the rose that was named after her! Happy Spring to you all. And if you are looking for some really great plants, stop by the store and step out back into Johnnye Merle's Gardens. There is a huge collection of all kinds of plants to choose from including Annies Annuals, Native Suns, and just different plants that you don't see everyday. Happy Spring!


Mary said...

Hi Sue! Thanks for the visit to my blog and the nice things you said. It's really a compliment coming from someone who's surrounded by such great looking vignette's and booth's at Country Road's all the time! I love your garden and never knew that you could grow hollyhocks in poor soil. That means even I can grow them, ha! The black ones sound lovely, I need to go to CR and check 'em out. Have a nice weekend, Mary :O)

The Boston Lady said...

Sue, your garden is beautiful, I love all the suprise elements that pop up in it. Happy spring. Ann

Rose said...

I love spring when nature revives itself from the long winter slumber! Lovely photos and your words really caught my attention!