It's All About Mike!

I have "NO" idea what is wrong with blogger today! Yes, they have made changes to their format, but last time I posted I had no problem whatsoever. Today though, is a whole other story. I'm not getting the same screens and blogger also won't let me enlarge the photos like I normally do. Sometimes, don't you think that things are just better off not being messed with? Anyway, I wanted to post pictures of some of Mike's great stuff. As you all know, I have so many friends named Mike, so I guess we need a little bit of clarification here. These pictures belong to Mike Parsons, a great and sweet dealer here at Country Roads! He has beautiful chandeliers! Most have been rewired and all of them are priced so reasonably. I also included a few other things of Mike's that caught my eye.

What I love the most about Mike is that he makes life so easy on all of us here at Country Roads. He always has a smile and kind words and just is a great person. I hope next time you are in Country Roads, you will stop by and see what I'm talking about. And hopefully, the next attempt at doing a blog post will be much easier than this one has been!!


marcela cavaglieri said...

I know exactly where his space is, I always marveled at all his chandies!!

Recycled Rita said...

He has the most awesome chandy's! Me, I can't find one that is a decent price to sell.... I need to meet him and get some of his chandelier ju-ju! hee! hee!

Phyllis @Around the House said...

Those are some of the most beautiful lights...wow so pretty...

Anonymous said...

I always love to see all of the beautiful things he has in his space!!
I was in today and I was blown away by all of the treasures just bursting out the door of Country Roads. I had to hurry and fix up my space and get out fast, I'm on a budget and hubby would kill me if I bought anything right now. And you should know, being the owner, how hard it is being in CR and not buying something! :)
The store is looking fabulous!!
Thanks for the lovely words on my blog Sue, I'm always thankful for your visits!
Have a lovely night.