White Wednesday

One of my very favorite things to collect, to love, and to obsess over is architectural elements. I'm not sure what it is about architectural stuff, put it pulls at my heart each and every time. Maybe it's the history and the stories these pieces could tell if they had the ability to talk! Below are a few of my other favorite "whites" at Country Roads this week.



I hope you are all enjoying Spring and all the beauty it has with it. Please take a moment to go visit my friend, Kathleen's blog! She always has amazing pictures and she has a huge list of participants that join in for our "White Wednesdays". Have a wonderful week and take care.


Faded Charm said...

I know what you mean aboutthe architectural stuff....LOVE it!!! We ahave finally gotten a little bit of warm weather, but the rain is on it's way again:-(

I think that couch would look amazing in my living room, don't you?---:-)

Take care my friend and don't work too hard.


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Everything looks great!

Gloria said...

Hi Sue,

So nice to meet you! :)Thanks for visiting my blog, and leaving a kind comment.

I love the white architectural stuff too. Your selections and store are very beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

Happy week to you!

p.s. I am following you!

CURIOUS said...

SUE . . . Ever think of opening a COUNTRY ROADS II . . . Maybe in TEXAS!?! Absolutely LOVE your store! TAKE CARE, JOE & GLENN

time worn interiors said...

Sue, I LOVE architectural salvage! I can't get enough of it!

Sue said...

Me too Tot!!

Sue said...

Hey Curious Boys. . .
My Mama was from Texas so I have a lot of heart for the big T!! I'm hoping to visit one of these days!!

Malisa said...

That frame is gorgeous! I am exhausted girl. Happy but exhausted! Will text you tomorrow if I can find a spare moment. :)