Friday Finds

Some of you may know that Country Roads does have a website where my intent was to have merchandise posted that you could buy online. The problem for me was that, well how do I say it, I guess it was a boring process. And a lot of work! Props to all of you that do sell online through your websites. One of my customers that has bought three or four things after seeing them on my blog said that the blog is just "funner" and we laughed at that word!  I think she was right. Last night over a few drinks with my friends Darcy and Kristi, I was kicking the "Friday Finds" idea around. Darcy came up with the name. I'm still working on this idea but please know that anything you see on my blog from CR is for sale! Today I've got some killer primitives that Shawn and Ginny just brought back from a recent buying trip. It was hard to get good pictures because there is so much stuff in the space right now and there isn't a whole lot of room. But here's a few shots of my favorite stuff!

Everyone loves pink, so I included this great chippy old pink painted iron bed. It has old blue paint coming through it. If I could buy anything, I would pick the old cupboard with old glass above. It has all original glass except one pane that was replaced. Actually it is the top of an old step back. You would never know it because even alone its really wonderful. So, this is my introduction to "Friday Finds". I will fine tune it as the weeks go by. Please know if you want anything you can either call  Country Roads at 1.714.532.3041 or email me at cradealers@aol.com  Next week my hopes are to fine tune our "Friday Finds"! Thanks for your continued support of Country Roads. It's appreciated.

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