White Wednesday

Today is "White Wednesday" and I've somehow managed to get enough photos together for a post! I've also managed to get a few days off in the process.  Country Roads lately has been very busy.  I am so very grateful for this. The only down side is it puts me a bit behind on paper work. Today I've posted some pictures of one of my dealers that works SO hard at what she does. And she also has a lot of space here at Country Roads. And each and every area of the store she is in is total eye candy for us all! Here's a small sampling of the many talents of one of my dealers, one of my CR family, and one of my friends, Cyndy Finch! 

As I mentioned, we've been so busy at "the store" that I didn't have much time to take as many photos that I would like to have had to post of Cyndy's many vignettes and beautiful displays! Please make sure you stop by and visit my friend, Kathleen's, blog!  Once you are there, you will find many other beautiful blogs on this "White Wednesday"! Take care.


Genie said...

It helps so much when the spaces are "finished." It helps draw the eye and the heart. For years your CR family has inspired each of our living spaces and our family. Thank you.

blossoms vintage chic said...

Hi Sue,
I must say...all of Cyndy's spaces are always beautiful and full of inspiration!! This bed with the chande and canopy over it, is a show stopper!! I love it!!!
Beautiful White Wednesday post!
See you soon!