My Friend RuFie

Yesterday afternoon when I went out to get my mail, there was an envelope with my name on it. I saw it was from my dear friend Ruthie, or "RuFie" as Riley lovingly calls her. When I opened the envelope, I found a little green box was inside. When I pulled it out, I saw the word "hope" written on it. You see, that word, "hope", is big with me and my friend RuFie. It is reminder of the good things in life, to never give up, and to keep "hope" alive in your heart. I was anxious to see what was inside. And as I opened the box. . . there it was! A little note written from the heart of my dear friend, and a shiny, silver pin with the word "hope" engraved on it. It's funny how life works out sometimes. When you least expect it, suddenly you are reminded of those that mean so much to you. Those that remind you of what you hold dear and near in your heart. And then when you walk out to get the mail, suddenly your heart is not only filled with "hope" but the love a friend that lives way to far away. I miss you RuFie, with all my heart!

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