"Pa's Pumpkin Patch"

The other night my family (minus Brande & Vinnie) headed down PCH to "Pa's Pumpkin Patch". The pumpkin patch and then the Christmas tree lot come down every year from Oregon. It's fun to walk around with the kids, feel the ocean breeze, and be reminded of Fall here in SoCal!
"it's true, pink elephants REALLY do fly"

"waiting for the train with Uncle Bryce"

"Riley got to be the engineer and ring the bell, the train being her favorite ride"

"Morgan posing for a picture, her FIRST visit to the Pumpkin Patch"

"Riley refused to have her pix taken, as where Morgan was happy too"

"Morgan still happy, Riley NOT so happy"

"The kids, and at least Riley wasn't screaming"

"the Jackson's at Pa's Pumpkin Patch"

You know, for me it's the times I share doing the simple things with my family that mean the most. In this crazy world we are living in these days, I'm sincerely blessed to have such an awesome family. And I never, ever forget that! Happy Halloween!


jules said...

beautiful!!! thanks for sharing

Peggy said...

Very cute pictures.
Love the pumpkin buggy!


The Texas Woman said...

Such great pictures. When I owned my portrait studio I found that pictures with Santa and crying kiddos got just as many reorders as the sweet, smiley ones. Go figure.