Disneylands "Trick or Treat Party"

Last night, myself and my whole family: Brande, Riley, Katie, Vinnie, Morgan, Bryce & Justine went to Disneylands "Trick or Treat Party" over in California Adventure. The little kids are all dressed in costumes and Trick or Treat through the park. I think my favorite moment of the night was while everyone was finishing up eating, Riley & I heard a band nearby. All the little kids and some parents (and yes, Grammas too) were dancing. As you know, Riley & I have been dancing since she was a baby. She was so excited. Then they began the Chicken Dance after explaining to the kids how to do it. They said, "grab a partner" and this little girl above with Riley, dumped her dad and grabbed Riley. By far, the highlight of my night.The merry-go-round was the next stop with Bryce, Riley, and Brande. On the far left is Morgan & Justine.
My Boy Bryce and the Girls!
Morgan was trying hard to stay awake.
"MY" girls!!
Uncle Bryce & Riley, (Brande is in her own bug bumper car) in It's a Bugs Life.
More rides in Riley's favorite part of Disneyland! Justine & Katie!
Katie, Vinnie (looking especially good with his "ears"), and Brande.
Before we called it a night, I had to stop to buy Morgan her first "Mickey Mouse" hat, which actually was more Minnie with the ears, red bow, her name and 2009. What I love about Disneyland is that they do make it affordable to have an entire night of fun. And it REALLY is the happiest place on earth, or at least it was to me last night just hanging out with my family!!


Malisa said...

How fun fun fun! I wanted to see a photo of Morgan with her ears! I love how Bryce is always with Riley! You should enlarge that photo of Katie and Riley...it is wonderful!


trash talk said...

What a way to go trick or treating!
Girl, you are living the life. The girls are precious!!!

Teresa said...

Love the photos. You are living the good life, girlfriend.