What Makes Me Laugh

I'm easily entertained, ask anyone. Usually my Friday nights involve me watching all of the Ellen Shows I've recorded all week. I know Ellen isn't for everyone, but her sense of humor and the things she does always makes me laugh. And I will also confess, I LOVE the games she plays with the audience. Take for example, the new game, "Rip Your Face Off"! Yes, it is lame, but yes, it is very funny. I've always been easily amused by silly, stupid things in life. I much rather watch women walking around with paper bags over their heads than all the news shows that are on now. I don't want to hear about inflation, or how the unemployment rate continues to rise. I know these things already. I much rather kick back and laugh with Ellen. Come on, she IS really funny. With all that said, I'm out the door to go to work. Country Roads, the happiest place and earth! And lets hope the "fancy girls" go easy on us today. Maybe they would want to play, "Rip Your Face Off"?


Debra@CommonGround said...

I saw that too, and it did have me laughing out loud. Pretty funny! That game might do us all a lot of good. ha ha!

The Texas Woman said...

I like Ellen's show when she had that bookstore too!