The Garage

Before I divorced, I lived in a house that had a laundry room. So of course, being in this business, I decorated it. When I bought "my" house nine or ten years ago, it didn't have a laundry room. So, with Bryce's help, we did the next best thing. . .we improvised! This old door leads out to the "garage". The old coke cooler works great for folding laundry and holding all our other junk we need! I just had too much cool stuff I couldn't part with, so why not give the garage a facelift? I've always loved vintage laundry stuff. I reminds me how much easier it is these days to do laundry then it was back in the day! Bryce put up some old fence board on the garage walls to give it a more rustic look. I also added some of my parents stuff they had in their house that I didn't have room in my house for put couldn't part with. I know, its just stuff, like the vintage phone, but for years it hung in my mom and dad's house. He use to hide a collection of old coins in it. Just some more of that vintage "stuff" I couldn't part with. It's kind of funny, Bryce has started adding some of his favorite "stuff" as well to the garage. Once baby Morgan was born something had to be moved to the garage. And after all, I don't think the "garage" would have been a good idea for a nursery!! A garage, much more than a place to just park a car.


trash talk said...

You mean I'm supposed to park a car in my garage? I thought it was just a big ol' closet!

sarah said...

oooh some delights

my garage is stacked full of furniture I've painted white but can't get in the house ;-)