Photography Through The Eyes of a Three Year Old

This is Riley & Leonard. There is another side to Riley, her hidden talent as a photographer. She has always liked taking pictures with my camera. Riley even got a cool pink camera from her Mommy & Daddy for her birthday a couple of months ago. The other day, Riley had gotten hold of my camera without my knowing. She took about 35 photos, and it was really interesting to me what she chose to take pictures of. And actually, as you will see below, she did a pretty good job with her photos!
One of my favorites, Riley's feet!

"Riley's hand print that her Aunt Brande made with her for me last Christmas"

"a photo of Riley & me at Disneyland on her second birthday"

"a picture of Ruby & Max from her coloring book"

"Riley's desk with her globe and cookies"

"a stained glass window in my family room, must have been into the colors"

"a framed picture of Katie, Brande, and Bryce in Maui for their dad's wedding several years ago"

"a photo of my backyard"

It's interesting what attracts the attention of little kids. Their minds aren't all cluttered like ours get with unnecessary junk! Guess I'll have to keep encouraging Riley to take pictures. After all, it's photographs that tell the real story of life.


The Texas Woman said...

Pretty AND talented!


Malisa said...

Riley is pretty good! She needs to take some photos of Gramma!


Midway Records said...

Great job! I turn my grandkids loose with mine & love what they take. If they aren't good pictures all you have to do is delete them. Love digital cameras!