Are You a Fancy Girl?

This morning I woke up thinking about "fancy girls" that go shopping. Then I glanced at my mail from yesterday and there was Oprah's magazine, with the words,"Who Are You Meant to Be". I get the Oprah magazine for Brande, who is secretly a fan of the magazine! At Country Roads we have our own vocabulary and phrases. I think in the early 90's, Alicia McKie came up with "fancy girls" and its stuck ever since. A "fancy girl" is basically someone that gets all dressed up, lots of make up, the hair is perfect, they are all accessorized and then they turn into, well, simply put, a bitch! They walk into the door of the store, demand one on one attention, even if you are busy helping someone else. They display their rudeness and lack of patience throughout the whole shopping experience, and usually end up buying very little after accumulating a massive pile of merchandise and wanting it basically for free! We had a couple of these girls early yesterday morning and as many "fancy girl" customers I've worked with, they never cease to amaze me! I always wonder, like the phrase on the cover of Oprah's magazine, "Who Are You Meant to Be". Do these women choose to be "fancy girls"? Not to offend anyone, I think Oprah herself is kind of a "fancy girl", I'm more of an Ellen fan maybe it has to do with the dancing!

I like to start my mornings by reading through my favorite blogs. Some make me laugh and some are always so positive and some occassionally touch you deep inside. I follow Jenny Doh. Her post this morning was just what I needed to be reminded of the good people in the world. I hope my link to her blog works today (some days they work, some days they don't) because if you want to read something very inspirational and motivating about the power of positivity, please go visit Jenny. And as I get ready to go to work, knowing that our Sunday customers will be joining us, I will remember Jenny's blog post today and remember how many good people our world is full of. And let's hope the "fancy girls" take a day off from shopping!!


Brande said...

The part about my secret love of Oprah Magazine - and Martha Stewart Living - is true, and I am every so thankful that you keep renewing those subscriptions to feed my habit...

trash talk said...

I call "fancy girls" new money. Old money knows how to behave with grace!
FYI, tell Brande Oprah is in Dallas today at the state fair!