Gramma's Girls!

Okay, this is a total "Gramma" post today! I confess, and hey, Riley likes to look at the pictures so this is for her. Bryce loves "his girls" as you can see! And I love this picture as well. Nothing like a toddler running around with a box on their head, way to go Riley! Morgan is checking out her Halloween card that Teri & Linda sent her. Teri is my sister, and Linda is her girlfriend, and yes they are gay and I'm very proud of both of them. Morgan was really happy with her own Halloween card, can you tell by that smile? Gramma's girls looking at their cards together not that Morgan really sees a difference. Although Riley & Morgan are cousins, they are just as close as sisters are! Morgan gets a hand learning to sit on top of the couch thanks to her Dad. And of course Riley needed NO help to sit on top of the couch. At three, Riley likes to do things herself these day. You know, sometimes my house gets crazy, really crazy with my grown kids, the grandbabies, and all their friends. But I wouldn't trade it for anything! And believe me, I KNOW how very fortunate to have my family be a part of my daily life! I'm am very thankful for this!!


Teresa said...

That's the good stuff, yeah. Those are some very lucky girls to have such a wonderful, loving family. My kids are fatherless, you know. It's nice to see a loving father, like Bryce. I know you are so proud of him.

Go Bryce!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Sue, the baby looks so different already, she is that stage where they start getting their personality..look at that smile! Riley and Morgan remind my of my own Daughter and Niece, they grew up together and they still best friends. Lucky girls!

Malisa said...

I want to come sit on top of your couch...right between the beautiful girls!