My friend Ruthie and I have always been big on the word "hope". And then came Barrack Obama, using our favorite word as well. Yesterday morning, I felt "hope" bursting inside of me. Our, meaning regardless of politics, race, rich or poor, our President was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. I "hope" I'm not the only one filled with "hope" for our future again. It's been quite awhile since I've had this feeling. I want my kids, and my grandkids and your kids, and grandkids to grow up in a world filled with peace and concern about their fellow human beings. And to me, this is a new beginning with our President winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I think the comment from the Nelson Mandela Foundation says it all, "We trust that this award will strengthen his commitment, as the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, to continue promoting peace and eradication of poverty". That my friends, is truly something to be hopeful for!


The Renaissance Chick said...

You made me cry on a Saturday! This is a beautiful post and it describes exactly how I feel! I was so ashamed of those criticizing this honorable man receiving this award. It reminded me of why so many are perceived by the rest of the world as the "ugly American". Obama radiates hope...the hope that he can lead our country back to being one of kindness, caring and taking care of those who need the help! Beautiful, Sue, beautiful!

The Texas Woman said...

OK, you and Mal ain't gonna like this comment. Feel free to delete it.

I can see Obama winning the Nobel Speech Award but the Nobel Peace Award should be based on a body of work, not a word from a body. If that's the case, let's go through every kindergarten class right now and pick a high school valedictorian. Those little kids show such hope, such promise. Who cares if their body of work doesn't warrant it at this time.

And anyway, I don't want Norway, a country that has never defended itself and never will, to have influence on what we in American do politically and internationally. That ain't right. Where would Norway be now if other countries (ours included) hadn't freed them from their German FIVE year invasion. How soon they forget! How soon we have forgotten!

Thanks for stirring me up today.

Love you.


Sue said...

I like to stir you up Cher, it's good for you ;0} You know, I think you may have already figured this out but I'm "a dreamer", and I dream and hope of peace and everyone getting along and no wars and all that goes with it. And I would HOPE you know me better by now to know that I would NEVER delete a friends comments, whether I agree or not!

ginny said...

as a world, as a people, where would we be without hope? obama is bright eyed, bushy tailed and as optimistic as can be. he truly believes he can make a difference. and he is trying hard. i get so angry when i listen to all the tv critics who pick him and his every move apart. he is a positive presence just when we needed it.

Teresa said...

I'm with you all the way Sue. I've never had more hope for our country and for our world, as I have since we elected Pres. Obama.

Love this post.