You Watch Them Grow

When I got home from "the store" last night, Morgan was sitting on the couch with Justine. As I walked up to her, and called her name, a big smile lit up her face. She knows me! Not sure how long ago that recognition happened, but it is awesome when it does. I babysat Morgan last night. I love to watch babies when they sleep. So pure and innocent, life doesn't get much better. I watched her sleeping, wondering what she would be like as a toddler and knowing that special bond that Gramma's have with their babies. And eventually fell asleep with Morgan next to me.
This is Riley at about the same age Morgan is now. I remember those days well. She too would fall asleep on my bed and I would sit there in awe just watching her so very peaceful as she slept. These are the moments I cherish because we all know, as Zach Gill sings in his song "you watch them grow, then you let 'em go, you watch them grow, then you let 'em go"!


trash talk said...

And try so hard to tatoo the moment onto our memories!

The Texas Woman said...

Was it Mal or Trash that once said that someday such dirty words would come out of those sweet mouths! Maybe it was you!


Malisa said...

We ain't lettin' em go! Riley had alot more hair! Their faces look alike, but it may stop there! Love your sweet granddaughters!


Rachel Knoblich said...

The little baby looks a tad bit like my baby McKale...so heavenly when they are sleeping!