The Blog Party!

My Country Roads family are now all home from their week in Warrenton. As we all know, I really wanted to go, but there is always the Spring. The one event I really wanted to attend was the Blog Party that Theresa, from Garden Vintage Antiques, hosts each year. Gloria took the pictures, so at least I got to "see" everyone having fun. I emailed Malisa, my Texas buddy, these pictures so I could get some of the names correct. Above is Margaret and Ted at Magnolia Pearl. I have known both of them forever. Ted is married to Gloria and Margaret was one of my very first dealers at Country Roads when the store opened in January of 1993. My CR Girls, from left to right: Lisa, Jeannie, Gloria, Pat, and Margaret.More of my CR Girls, and yes, Tim is included in that category!!Here is a picture of Theresa and Gloria at the Blog Party. Here's another picture from the Blog Party. I saved the best for last. This is Cher with TOT at the party. Cher is a really cool person, seriously! Here's Cher and Gloria together. I was happy Gloria got a chance to meet Cher. Let me tell you, Cher has a wicked sense of humor even in the worse of times and she is a BIG lover and fan of the Bush Family!! And Cher has a heart the size of Texas! Thanks for the pictures Cher, and keep fighting the fight because you my friend, are going to win!! I hope I see all of you in the Spring and glad you all had fun and hope my Country Roads family was on good behavior!! When I have time (some of us have to get out the door to open the store), I will insert links to all these great Texans blogs! Thank you all for be so nice to my Country Roads family, I appreciate it as do they!!


Debra@CommonGround said...

Hey Sue, great blog party photos. Doesn't quite seem fair that they left you to "hold down the fort"!
I'm sure the blog party was tons of fun! Oh how I'd love to go someday. Have a great weekend!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

So wish you could have been there, but I know Gloria was a great reporter for you. And, that Pat, she is just so darn pretty and sweet! Did Gloria tell you I've been a fan of hers for so many years and realized it when she told me her website name, like meeting a celebrity, well at least she is in my book. Also, I think the first picture was taken at the Leftover's Party, or so it looks like it. Please try and make plans to come out in the Spring, would love to meet you in person. Your CR family found lots of cool things. They were always out very early, had to to find the best stuff.