What's New at Country Roads?

So, what's new at Country Roads besides my little grandkids above? A lot is new! We've got a brand new dealer in the front window of the last building, Tim & Lisa. There are some pix's of their space at the beginning of the slideshow. We also have our dealers bringing in great stuff daily. And they don't just "bring it in", they display it. Our in Johnnye Merle's Garden and Nursery we've got a big Annie's Annual order coming in today and tomorrow we have another plant delivery with a cool selection of perennials and shade plants. I hope you enjoy the slideshow below and if something catches you eye that you can't live without, come on down and visit us. Or, just to make sure it is still there, give us a call and charge it over the phone. Thanks for the continued support from each and everyone of you, it is truly appreciated!
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trash talk said...

I think I saw Tim's hair peeking out at me!
Great slide show and of course the babies are the cutest of cute!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Great stuff as always...but not as cute as the girls!!!!!

The Renaissance Chick said...

You know I loved the slide show...but the girls...the best! Riley is so cute in pics with Morgan!!!

Aunt Malisa