Riley's Backyard

That's me & my dad in our backyard LONG before it was Riley's backyard! Katie & Vinnie bought my parents house after they died. My mom & dad bought the little house when it was new, and lived in that house their entire lives. Katie & Vinnie added on to the house, but it's still the same house I grew up in, the same backyard I played in as a kid.I've been trying these past years to go through all my parents photos and find some order to them. This was me, in the backyard with my cousin Larry's dog. How I remember that is beyond me.The best part about all the photos I have, the majority of them my dad wrote some kind of comment on them. Those carefree days as a little kid just entertaining yourself in the backyard, no worries, no stress! I miss those days.There were hours I spent in that backyard, lots of good happy times, even has I got older.Remember when the laundry had to actually be hung up on the clothes line? I wonder if the clothes got a lot of bird poop on them and then you had to start all over again? Sorry, just the way I think. I remember as I got older having to take down the dry laundry down. I hated doing it so I just pulled each piece as hard as I could till it came down off the clothesline. Of course, I broke many clothes pins that way, and of course I got in trouble time and time again. I guess I was just that kind of kid, ornery! Sometimes when I sit out back with Riley at her house now, there are so many memories still there for me. I'm happy my granddaughter is growing up in the house I did, just something kind of special for me!!


trash talk said...

Who wouldn't remember a dog named "Larry"!
Great family post chock full of memories!

The Renaissance Chick said...

I love these photos! Did you just discover these too? I swear that photo of you with the laundry looks just like me! I am always impressed with your Dad's tan! So California!

My Mom was always so picky about her clothes pins! When I took the clothes down, the pins had to go in the bag and the bag had to come in! Way too much trouble for me! I hated getting clothes off the line along with wasps captured in the clothing! I would be running and screaming...dropping clean clothes and clothes pins...and getting in trouble...again!

Great photos!


Unknown said...

how wonderful, to have your family live in the house you grew up in. it would make me long for the days when life was simpler!


The Texas Woman said...

I love the fact you have such a long line of love in that back yard!

Two things more:
1. Thank you so much for the love and support you give me. It's so appreciated. Distance doesn't diminish it.
2. So enjoyed seeing your home in Romantic Homes! It made my day to read more about you.

The Texas Woman