The Riley & Leonard Love Affair

Every time when Riley comes over to my house, she looks for her buddy, Leonard.This is how Riley looks if Leonard won't sit with her.And when Leonard jumps up to sit with her, Riley is so happy! I think it is so important for little kids to have that special connection with pets, such as Leonard.For being a senior, Leonard is so patient with Riley.I think both Leonard and Riley share in this love affair they have for each other.
There is a really important role that animals play in not only little kids lives, like Riley's, but for everyone. It's all about unconditional love. Pets are also great for the elderly as well. I think one of the last times I saw my mom smile really big before she passed away was when a pet therapy group brought a little dog to visit her. Thank God for our furry little friends!


Debra@CommonGround said...

They are just so cute together. Riley will always remember her special time with her bud. You know I'm a sucker for Leonard.
Have a great weekend!

trash talk said...

Leonard is one cool cat...I only know of one other cat that could compete! Maybe Riley will grow up to be a vet...she sures loves animals and they love her right back.

Malisa said...

Even Leonard couldn't say no to that beautiful little face that was so upset! He knows how to keep Mama happy! :)


Debbie's Garden said...

Leonard is such a regal gentleman. He's so happy to be adored and worshiped by Riley.