Riley and Leonard Love Affair

As many of you know, Leonard was an old stray tomcat that showed up days after my ex-husband left. I always say I got the better deal on that one! Leonard stayed outside for years, but now that he has become a senior, I keep him inside so he can be happily retired!Ever since Riley was born, Leonard has always hung around her. And even now, when Riley is a bit more "active" shall we say, he still tolerates her. She stacks her lego's on his head, puts doll clothes on him and he just sits and purrs. I've tried to teach Riley to be gentle with Leonard and most of the time she is. On a rare occasion if she does something to Leonard that hurts him, he will lightly nip Riley's hand. Oh, the tears that stream down her little face. It wasn't the bite that hurt, it was her feelings, and she feels so, so badly. Riley talks to Morgan all the time about Leonard. I'm hoping Leonard will be around for awhile so Morgan gets to know how much love our furry friends give us daily!


Debra@CommonGround said...

So sweet. Riley is such a darling little gal, and I've had 2 male cats that are the exact image of Leonard. It's so good for kids to grow up loving and appreciating pets. Glad you're keeping him in. It gets tough on those old guys out there. I'm a kitty lover, too. Come by for a visit when you have time.
Always enjoy your blog and store photos!

Jacque said...

What a wonderful love affair! I too have a senior kitty, she spends most of her day sitting on a feather pillow, that is until my two year old kitty tries to get her to play and then you wouldn't know that she is 22 years old!~Jacque

trash talk said...

How cute that Riley has a "cat daddy" too! Mine likes to take a little nip, oh wait, you said he gives a little nip!
I think it's very important for children to grow up with animals and learn first hand how to treat them and respect them. She is just too stinking cute with that hair!

Pam said...

Iam glad you still have your Leonard.. as Iam glad I still have mine!!!

Debbie's Garden said...

sounds like Leonard can teach her to be gentle better than people can teach her. Kids and animals... both have so much love to give. what a good combination.