Pre 4th of July!

My family all went to breakfast this morning down at Hennesey's, in Old Towne Seal Beach. A block from the ocean, it was beautiful out, clear sunny skies and a nice ocean breeze. My sister above, and her girlfriend Linda (holding Morgan) had not had a chance to meet Morgan yet. They had been on vacation when Morgan arrived. All of my family was there, except for Bryce, he had to work. Riley got to enjoy Morgan as she always does, and it was just nice & easy to have breakfast with my family. I'm not a big breakfast eater, but I did try the "Captain Crunch Cereal French Toast"! Pretty tasty and now I feel like a need a nap. It just "feels" like a summer holiday today, even if the 4th isn't until tomorrow. The sky is clear, the temperature is perfect, upper 70's and life is good. Only one word of caution, the grocery store is a zoo, needed to grab a few things for our family dinner tomorrow. Hope everyone gets to enjoy some great weather and family time this week-end! Pre happy 4th of July!


Malisa said...

Oh, my gosh, I see the family resemblance in your sister! In her younger pictures, I didn't see it, but I do now! Hope you and Captain Crunch got to take a nice, long nap today! :) Now, ask Senor Corona to join you!


trash talk said...

The 70's???? It was 100 in the shade here...I am not kidding. We are just like the wicked witch...melting, melting!
That sounds like a lovely way to start the weekend (I felt like it was Saturday,too). That baby is just too stinking cute! Enjoy tomorrow and while you are lazying in the pool, I'll be loading a trailer!