Politically Incorrect?

Sometimes I think about what is and isn't politically incorrect. When I was a kid, in a different world, in a different time, I don't think "politically incorrect" was even a phrase. As I grew up though, when I had my own kids, I was very "sensitive" about things. After all in college I had majored in Sociology and minored in American Studies. That is me and my sister as kids in an Indian head dress above, I'm the blond and probably the only time in my life I was taller than my sister. When I was in college I spent an entire summer living on a poor Indian reservation, outside of Yuma, AZ close to the Mexican border. I have a post somewhere I've done on that, but can't find it right now. I learned a lot that summer. I learned what it felt like to be discriminated against for being white and blond. I learned what real poverty was, and I learned how unjust and unfair our world is. So, when I had my kids, when they were young, I didn't let them play with toy guns, dress up like Indians, as I did as a child, and I tried to expose them to many of the things in life that were important to me, especially about "accepting" people for who they are, not by the color of their skin. And now, today, I wonder if these sensitivities have backfired? Have we learned along our paths in life to be fair and just, or do we look for reasons to cry discrimination as a means to excel or excuse bad behavior? I think there are many good people in this world that are fair, that are just, and raise their children to be the same no matter what color, religion, or political party they favor. After all, we are all in this together, one world! As I watch my grandbabies grow, I hope that world gets here soon!


Debbie's Garden said...

Wow, weird timing. I have the news on as I'm blog reading. First thing up, that black professor(name?) that they arrested for breaking into his own house. I have enjoyed his shows on geneology very much. I think both sides on this should be ashamed of themselves. They both acted poorly. The whole situation got way out of hand. Now its a big national debate of picking sides.

Genie said...

I thought you showed so much moral courage when you posted the link to the Courage Campaign. Just treat people like you would want to be treated. Growing up I was a little blond girl, too. In the small town where I grew up, my family was the minority, I was called names, spit on and verbally assaulted. That experience taught me so much.

It’s so simple… God is love. If people would simply practice love the world would be a better place. And saying please and thank you make for a better world, too.

ginny said...

very good. i do think that politcal correctness has gotten out of hand. not just racially - a whistle from a constuction worker sends whistled-at in a tailspin. everyone should just relax. we are all people. enjoy the specialties each culture brings to the table. learn and grow.

The Texas Woman said...

I hear ya, Lady!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Sue, it's interesting what you say about political correctness, a term that after 20 years of living in this country, I can't totally grasp. Where I'm from, we call it as it is, or as we see it but the thing is nobody gets offended. My friends back home are "La Polaca" (the Polish), "El Negro" (the black...he has olive skin), "El Tano" (the Italian, he has an italian last name). My Husband, who I adore, calls me "Gorda" (Fat). Never for a second I thought he was being disrespectful or putting me down. Back home, the vast majority is from an European background: Spain, Italy, France, Germany. However, nobody calls him/herself French-Argentinian or Italian-Argentinian they are all Argentinians, no matter where their families came from and nobody worries about this race/minority thing. Nobody will ever ask you your race when filling up a form or application, because the fact is that nobody cares. I think is funny the fact that I always thought I was "white" until I moved to California and became "Latin". Whatever makes people happy, if you ask me!!! As Parents, my Husband and I expose our kids to as many cultures as we can. They have being lucky enough to visit many countries in 4 different continents, which involves a lot of work and savings all year long. We firmly believe that: The world is like a book, if you don't travel...you only read one page.
Well, that was a long comment! I hope I didn't offend anybody, it just that I'm a little passionate about this kind of conversations! I'm sending you a big, colorful hug,

Malisa said...

First of all, I have to comment on the photos...classic! Second, you know we so agree on people being accepting of differences. I think you and I do a good job of modeling that value by being friends with Cher, our Republican blogging buddy! :)