Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

My mom & dad were married on July 17th, 1950, and today would have been their 59th wedding anniversary. You know, it's taken me quite awhile to admit this but I think they were "truly" in love. The reason it has taken me awhile is because as they both began to age, it was horrific with the dementia/Alzheimer issues, I was caught up in it daily. It made me feel like I was going down that path of insanity right beside them!! But with the passage of time, I now know they loved each other until the day the they died.
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That's my mom and dad in the bottom of the picture on their wedding day. In the middle is my great Aunt & Uncle, Glen & Fay Boydstun. Tom & May Bryant are next to my great Aunt & Uncle, which are sadly the only two still alive today. It was such a different generation back then, so different from today. Life just seemed simpler, happier and not as complicated. My sister and I didn't have a lot growing up, but we were very well taken care of and never did without. Somewhere I have another picture much like the one that was taken down in TJ, Mexico. The one I can't find was a similar pose, same place,just different people with a sign that said "Just Married". As I've said many times in the past, I was quite proud of myself for being married 22 years, thought that was quite the accomplishment consdering I was married to Mr.Wonderful! But what my folks had was SO much more, so entirely different, a lifetime together. I'll never forget the heartbreak of having to put them into assisted living towards the end of their lives. My mom's health was much worse than my dad's and he wasn't able to take care of her at home. Yep, I had healthcare come in, nurses and more. But my dad would either insult them or kick them out of the house, that was Mr.Moore!! For years, my dad's only goal in life was to take care of my mom. Looking back, when I was in the middle of all the illness, and dementia/Alzheimer stuff, I felt like I couldn't breathe,almost suffocating, it wasn't easy. Nor could I make sense of what was going on with the two of them. But looking back now, today, I have such a greater respect for both of them, I undertand the "whys" more clearly now. I know now my mom clung to life just long enough to know that my little Riley was born healthy & happy, and then she "let go", four days after Riley's birth. My dad's physical and mental health declined pretty fast after that. After all, he had not only lost the love of his life, but his purpose in life as well. My dad passed away a few months later on Valentine's day in 2007. I understand now that was his Valentine gift to my mom to truly be with her forever! And I have to give the guy props, it was quite the gift. Today I look at those pictures above and can smile without wanting to strangle my dad! Those pictures now warm my heart. And mostly, I know they are still together after all these years, "Happy Anniversary" to you both!


The Renaissance Chick said...

Sue, this is truly a beautiful love story! How lucky you are to be a product of two people who built their worlds around each other! Let us hope that our children will take care of us in such a loving manner!


Genie said...

My mom and dad were married on March 2, 1946. Mom took care of dad until his death in 1989. Your story is so much like mine. Mom has been in board and care since this June. Lord, I can't breathe it hurts so much. She can't remember my name but she can identify my father in pictures and knows his name all these years later. Thank you for sharing.