The Morning After

Today I am off from working at Country Roads. Although, I have to say, when you are self employed, you are never truly off. Paperwork is always calling your name. We had an extremely busy week-end again, and please know that we appreciate each of you that shopped with us. I fell in love yesterday. When it comes to architectural elements, my heart always skips a beat. This is a killer architectural piece that Darcy just brought in. It SO wants to come home with me. Below are just a few more of my friend Darcy's stuff.

The one thing I absolutely love about Darcy's stuff is that it's always, without a doubt, shop ready. Meaning it is clean, it is priced and it is always displayed in a way that makes you want to bring it all home with you!  I hope you all have a great  day!


The Boston Lady said...

Love that basket with the wheeled holder. Don't know how else to describe it. I'd snap that up in a minute! Ann

marcela cavaglieri said...

I can see why you felt in love, Sue It's super gorgeous!!!!!

Pent-Up Photos said...

Darcy, you have me drooling, girl! Wow!