Pudding As An Art Form

The other day, Riley wanted to look in the refrigerator. She spotted the chocolate pudding and said, "pleeeeeze Gramma". How could I say no? Got the pudding, the spoon, the napkins and sat her down at her little table. I asked to please lean over as she ate her chocolate pudding. I got busy doing something, and then I say Riley in the picture above!! She not only had pudding on her face, but on the front of her t-shirt, on the back of it, on her shorts and her gift to me was a chocolate pudding hand print on my bedroom wall! Who knew that pudding could be used as an art form, the new paint for toddlers. How could I get mad when I looked at that cute little face above?

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trash talk said...

This is the only way to serve pudding...makes it just that much sweeter!
Frame that handprint, Gramma, right on the wall!!!