My "Kids" Displays!

All three of my kids, Brande, Katie, and Bryce are dealers at Country Roads.I just wanted to share with you "their" talent. This is one of Bryce's spaces he is just moving into. As you can tell it's not quite done yet but is looking good!Bryce just took one of the front window spaces, and is beginning to achieve the "look" he is after!This is another photo of Bryce's new space as he continues to put it all together and give it a unique look.This photo is from Katie's space. I love this armoire! Inside and on top she has a huge selection of oil cloth products. The holiday stuff is in, as you can see by these cool Fall towels!!There are also Christmas towels available as well.Katie has just started carrying door mats, and many of them are seasonal, just in time for Fall and the holidays that follow. She's got a great selection, stop by and check 'em out.Brande, who is my oldest as most of you know, has the garden out back, named after my mom and her Gramma, "Johnnye Merle". This is one of the displays you see as you step out the back door to the gardens.Besides the great plant selection, one of the things that make this nursery so special is the displays. I love the use of the old flatbed truck with my old vintage bike to show off the drought tolerant plants.Again, using old vintage things like the wicker chair really add to the displays outside in the garden as well as all of the displays inside the store. There are times that my kids and I butt heads, that is a given when you have a family business! But I also know how very grateful I am to have a business that I love and be able to share it with my kids as well. I guess that is one of the many reasons "the store" means so much to me!


Malisa said...

Talented kids from a talented mom! Can't wait to see the grandkids' artistic talents!

How about a nice, cold tropical drink? :)


Barbara Jean said...

How fun that you all share that together!!
Barbara Jean

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I missed this post...where have I been? I love the first picture because I can tell where he is going...looks great!