Monday Morning Memories

The beach, it's always been a favorite place of mine. I remember when I was a little kid, I spent a lot of time there. After all, it was free, didn't have to pay for parking and a great place to take relatives that had come to visit. In the picture of above, from left to right is: my sister Teri, my mom, me, and my Aunt Ruby from Texas. We were at Seal Beach by the pier. This is the same beach we take Riley to now. Back then life was so carefree. When relatives came from out of state to visit you could go places that were free, like the beach. You didn't have to pay for parking, you didn't have to worry about someone stealing your stuff you left on the sand while in the water. It was just a different world back then. My Texas relatives were always so much fun. I remember them always making me laugh and being a little crazy. I loved their accents and how crazy they were, in a good way! These pictures and memories are what keep my family, that is no longer here, alive in my heart!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

The beach has that special way to imprint our mind with beautiful memories. We grew up in a huge, busy city and we remember the excitement of the last day of school when our parents sent us in a bus to another country to spend 3 months with relatives that lived by the beach...it's even hard to grasp the idea right now... Like you said: different times!!!

The Renaissance Chick said...

Texas girls...loud and crazy! Surely you jest!!! You just wait! We are gonna welcome you with open arms and you will be talking like us before you leave!


Jhoe said...

hello, yes your photo looks so sweet and i think lots of memories were there. btw, how old this pic is? what that woman in black was your aunt? i think she is really pretty. even though the pic seems old but she looks great. how old is she now if i mind? thanks :))