Back to School Time

When I opened the store yesterday morning, I was once again blown away by a brand new display! After all, it's time to get ready to go back to school. Country Roads goes back "vintage style"!I think my favorite part of this display is the drinking fountain! And for those of you that have shopped with us for years, the big potting table we've displayed from for years, is now in the garden for sale if you are interested.School just isn't about "readin, writin, and arithmetic", you've got to have a little fun playing!Remember these desks? Thankfully, I'm happy to say I do NOT! But I love the blue patina on it. I love this display and a big "thank you" to my boy Bryce and Darcy! Looks awesome!


Malisa said...

School daze, school daze,
Let's break all the rules daze!

Okay...that's just my version!

So glad I'm not going back to sit in one of those desks!


trash talk said...

I'm old, but not as old as that desk! I miss getting to buy school supplies.

Ann said...

I can smell the classroom now !! loved the new pink erasers we'd get! lovely display you have !!