The Best Little Playhouse Ever!!

One of my very talented and artistic friends and dealers is Maggie Gulati! And you would think after all these millions of years I've known her I would have a picture of her at my fingertips, but nope, not this morning. Her husband built this playhouse for their grandkids. Rich, as you can see, is also very talented. Maggie decorated the inside with many vintage "treasures" from Country Roads. Here are just a few pictures of the playhouse, have a tissue handy in case you start to drool with envy!

I hate to even say this, but the playhouse is not quite done yet! I'll be back with some pictures when it is complete!! Maggie was one of my first dealers at Country Roads, way back in 1993 when we first opened the store. Her imagination and artistic abilities are unbelievable, seriously. I think Maggie is especially good when it comes to painting animals. Like many of us here at Country Roads, she too has a passion and love for our four legged furry friends! People often ask me "how" do you stay in business after all these years? One of the main reasons is that we are ALL part of the same family; our "Country Roads Family"! One day I'll do a blog post on that alone, but just to be able to have a business that is filled with my family and friends is more than I could ever ask for. And Maggie, as you can see, is totally awesome! Thanks for sharing the picture Maggie, you are the best!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

That's too cute! I must say though that I always loved the little house in the far corner at Country Roads...(by the last building)...I could totally move in! Marcela

trash talk said...

You know, I am only 5'1"...I would so fit! Are they looking for a tenant?

Debbie's Garden said...

So sweet! EVEN I want to go play house in it.

The Renaissance Chick said...

Don't let Riley, Morgan, Madisyn or Bella see this!