Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fall

I hadn't been to "the store" (that's what we call Country Roads), in five days. When I went to work yesterday I was totally blown away by all the changes in displays. Our vendors are bringing in all the Fall holiday merchandise, and some Christmas as well. Above is a picture of our middle store display. I fell in love with immediately! Here are some more photos of the display. . .

This display was put together by "my boy Bryce"! In a previous post, I had written about how awesome the front window displays were. Him and I were talking about changing out the middle store display and all I said was maybe we could do more of a Fall kind of look? When I saw this yesterday, I was so impressed. Also, Katie had redone her displays in her area, as had Brande in the garden. Look for pictures of these displays at all. It really is a great experience to work with your family! And yes, there are days we all fight and argue, but the one thing about us, we get over it real quick! Hope you can stop by and "feel" the feeling of Fall in the air at Country Roads!


Malisa said...

As Madisyn would say..."I can feel the love"!


Barbara Jean said...

Love those displays!!

Have to say, I am not even getting ready for fall!!

I am still making bird nests for the store. =0))

blessings and thanks for sharing the pics.
barbara jean

trash talk said...

I am so ready for the fall...not Warrenton...but the fall! So good to see families work, play and fight together.

ginny said...

wow! now, there is a man that does up a damn good display!!
can bryce be cloned??????????