Learning to Smile

It's hard to believe that Morgan is a couple of months old now. Pretty soon she will be chasing Riley around. There are no pictures of Riley in this post since she wanted to "take" the pictures, not be in them!! Above, Morgan is thinking about smiling.We had to work to get that smile out of her, because she just wasn't quite ready. In this photo, she looks just like her daddy, my son Bryce when he is mad about something. Although, he usually doesn't stick his tongue out!!Morgan is thinking about that smiling stuff but still isn't too sure.Morgan is also beginning to "talk" as she is in this picture.There we go, the smile I had been waiting for! It's amazing how much little babies change each day. I'm lucky to be able to share in all of Morgan's "firsts" as I was with Riley. Someone the other day was talking to me about becoming a Grandmother, her daughter is pregnant. She told me she didn't want to be called "Grandma" and asked me what Riley called me. I turned and said, "Gramma" and I love the sound of that little word coming out of Riley's sweet little mouth. It makes my day, you know what I mean?


Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures. Not a Gramma yet....but it will be wonderful!! When my youngest was 3 he called his grandpa "Crap pa" We always got a laugh out of that one!!

Glad I found you in Blogland

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

What an absolutely beautiful baby!! Must have taken after grandma :)

The Renaissance Chick said...

Oh,my gosh! That first picture looks just like your son! He can't deny this sweet baby! The family resemblance is amazing!

I want to hold her!


The Renaissance Chick said...

By the way, Madisyn and Tango had those Chuckie Cheese faces stuck on their lips this past week! Wish I had a camera! Bad Grammy!


ginny said...

oh, yes, i can see bryce in morgan's pics. isn't it amazing how those teeny, tiny little cells can do that? if she grows up and has his personality, she will be a gem.