Want To Feel Old??

I went to see the movie, Taking Woodstock, this afternoon. I love going the movies in the afternoon by myself. I turn my iphone off so there is no messages, texts, etc. I always go to this little movie theater on PCH not too far from Seal Beach Leisure World! So, today, as I'm watching Woodstock, I kept thinking, "wow, that was 40 years ago", and I'm looking around the theater and I felt so old! Next time I think I'll choose a theater not so close to Leisure World! Yep, that was me 40 years ago, did I mention 40 years ago! As I look at that photo, so many memories come back to me of days gone by! I still remember all the stories about Woodstock and the music, oh how I loved the music. I wish they would have had more music in the movie, my only tiny objection. Watching it just took me back to days gone by that seem in some ways so long ago, but in other ways like it was yesterday!If you get a chance, and don't mind being reminded that you are getting "older" go see Woodstock, the memories are awesome. Think I'll be on itunes now downloading some of my favorite "oldies" from the Woodstock days!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hey, if you were close to Leisure World, you should had felt very young, Missy! Look at that picture...WOW!!!!

trash talk said...

What amazes me is that it took 40 years to make a movie about it!
Girl, you still got it...may have shifted a little, but it's still there!

elsie said...

Beautiful, beautiful photograph of you!!

Malisa said...

The old Senior year picture, huh? Well, you were beautiful...and still are! And you aren't getting older...just "youth challenged"! :)