All I Wanted to Do Was Go To the Bank!

Yesterday I just wasn't having a good day. We all have them, but mine was seemingly never ending. I had to make a deposit at Bank of America, who should have protesters in front of their bank protesting THEM! If you bank with BofA, change your bank. Anyway, I've seen the two young guys before with their table and offensive pictures in front of the bank on other days, but not on a day when I had to do my banking. Yesterday, since it was "that" kind of day, these guys started in on me! As I walked by their "sign" and table, I just smiled and said "hi". Then they start, "what do you think"? I didn't want to waste my energy on it, so I said "no comment". Then they start in again, "oooooh NO comment"! I wanted to smack the dumbass, but just went in the bank instead. Apparently Brande and I had just missed each other at the bank because she encountered the same thing. These kids are LaRouche supporters and want you to give them $20 for their "cause"! Brande asked them, "how do you expect to get support and money with pictures like that"? And the pictures were my deal too. They are offensive for many reasons that these two young dumbasses I don't think even realize. I don't understand people's insensitivity towards others. You give a toddler an offensive sign to hold like the one above? The Holocaust was a horrific part of our history. Do these protesters ever stop and think how holding up pictures of Hitler make people feel, the memories it brings back to many people that lost loved ones? The thing that is really amazing to me is one of the two kids is of middle Eastern descent. I wondered if he really understands how in America you are allowed to do this no matter how many people you hurt in the process? That is why we have freedom of speech, does he fully understand that? This post isn't about the Healthcare Reform bill, it is about people being so insensitive to others. Next time I see the dumbass kid, I'm going to ask him if he really appreciates the freedom of speech we have here in the United States, even if it hurts people? There are many other ways to make your point in this world, and to me, this way just doesn't do it!!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

OK, this is wayyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooooo muuuuccchhhhhhhhhhh! I just came home from Trader Joe's and saw the same table, with the same offensive signs!!! I'd like to say that the signs are offensive not matter if you like or hate Obama, if you agree or not with his politics, the link between him and Hitler is pure disrespect born out of ignorance.The worse part is that signs and attitudes like those shown by those groups shatter any kind of argument or intelligent discussion. To be in favor or against the bill, is each citizen's right. To research and make and informative decision is mandatory. But to offend, intimidate and lie while making your case, is wrong...I don't care how much freedom of speech you have....but that's just the opinion of someone who lived 30 years in a Socialist Country (excuse my words!) with Socialized Medicine...AND Education...Yikes!
Sue, you made my day.
"I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you, my heart has no bottom!" Author Unknown

Malisa said...

This kind of behavior is atrocious! If you talked to these people, I feel confident that they know no facts concerning the health care bill. We all know what these hateful protests are all about...and it ain't the health care bill!


trash talk said...

There are two things I cannot tolerate...ignorance and laziness. Ignorance comes from being too lazy to think about ones actions and words before acting on them. As you say, think, people, think! This kind of behavior is not going to change my mind or even help me make it up...it is only going to push me further in the other direction. I would never want to be associated with this kind of behavior...and pan handling to boot! Good grief!
P.S. You KNOW how I really feel about all this, don't you?