My Office Assistants

I spend a lot of time in my home office working. And most of the time, my four "assistants" are always near by as I work. There are times it becomes a little difficult to work as you see Leonard, Fluffy, and Mak all trying to get the closest spot to me!Kona only comes to sit with me when she feels like it. Her and Mak were feral cats that were stuck in a wall at a construction site as kittens. Mak is pretty calm now, but it takes Kona a bit more time, and it is always on her terms!Sadly, Fluffy wants to be an only cat, and ignorantly enough she often tries to take on Leonard, who use to be a hardcore tomcat when he showed up on my door step over ten years ago. He can knock Fluffy off the desk in one swing of his paw! It doesn't stop Fluffy though. It's not always easy working with my furry little office assistants, but knowing how sweet they can be makes it all worthwhile. As you can see by these photos, rescued cats make wonderful pets. Our shelters are overflowing right now with cats and dogs that need homes. If you are thinking about getting a cat or dog in the near future, please stop by a shelter and pick one out. The love they return is more than you could ever imagine!


Debra@CommonGround said...

I can so relate. I have one on my lap most of the time I'm on the computer. They just are our "furry kids"! Have you ever checked out the "Itty Bitty Kitty Committee" blog? They are on my blog list at the bottom. They will steal your heart!

trash talk said...

Is Fluffy the Siamese with the sneer? She is my kind of gal! Sadly, I can't bring another pet into the house. Jakie prefers to be an only child (he is my little boy in a fur suit) and does not play well with others...namely cats. He has had his nose swiped too many times to count. You'd think he learn. After all, schnauzers are supposed to be really smart dogs...I guess there is always an exception to every rule.
Speaking of rules, thanks for the input on my query. I'm not looking to change the way I post...at my age, I'm just too old to change. I really just want to learn how to tweak it and do more with labeling, photos, etc. I figure all of y'all are more clever than me and know all kinds of tricks to share! I know, 250 words...yeah, right!

Malisa said...

I love kitties! Sweetie loves kitties too! Don't make me go out and get one. Lurch will be so mad at you!


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine having as many assistants as you do, when Sylvester decides to get up on my desk and help, it takes me twice as long to do anything and then I just end up loving him and forgetting the computer...hum...maybe that is his plan? I am glad that there are people like you, who LOVE to rescue. The animals you have couldn't of found a better home!