The "Many" Faces of Country Roads!

The best part of Country Roads is that it's made up of many "faces". My family, our staff, our dealers, our customers all put a "face" on Country Roads. I want to share some faces that I took pictures of yesterday.

And my favorite face that has no clothes is this sad Raggedy Ann! There is a little story about her appearance. One of my dealers, Hide (pronounced He-day) is from Japan. He's been in the store for years and I think he is fascinated with all of us. Awhile back, someone stole the clothes from this sad little doll. And as you can see, Hide has a little written note on her with a warning, along with those sad, sad red tears! Country Roads. . . different faces every day of the week. It's not just a job, it truly is an adventure!!

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trash talk said...

How terrible that someone would not only take that poor baby's clothes, but throw her on the floor to boot. Oh the injustice of it all! I hope they have dreams of a giant Raggedy Ann coming at them every night.