The Plaza Review. . . Good News

Every morning I wake up and only watch a half hour of local news. I seriously can't handle the news anymore! This morning the "top story" was about the model that was murdered by her boyfriend and apparently he had cut her up, or some other horrible thing. Then the news continues to report that the only way they could identify her was from the serial numbers on her breast implants! I mean, come on, how much do we need to know anymore, how many details are really necessary? The interesting part about my half hour of news this morning was this; they open the news with "that" story and the last story they closed with was so much better. It was about a family that had four children. When their kids were young they sailed around the world. The 16 or 17 year old son had just broken the record of the youngest person to sail solo around the world. And now his 15 year old sister is going to try and break this record. It was such a great story, so positive and uplifting. I often wonder "why" there isn't a news show that reports just "good" news!! I would watch it. Then it reminded me of a little newspaper we have here in Old Towne Orange. It's called the Plaza Review and the editor is my good friend, Mike Escobedo. I'm fortunate enough to be included in this paper with two or three articles every issue. There is so much GOOD news out there today, it just isn't as accessible which I will never understand. A feel good newspaper like the Plaza Review, or a news show with good stories would be a wonderful to wake up to each morning. Why can't networks make money with this type of news?? For more information on my favorite little newspaper contact Mike at: mikeesco@pacbell.net He might be able to add you to his mailing list for a copy of the Plaza Review. But for now, turn off the news. I know after the mutilated body being identified by serial numbers on breast implants, I'm back to the music channels to wake up!


Malisa said...

You know I'm a news junkie! I think my tv is permanently stuck to MSNBC! Wonder if they have MSNBC in Tahiti? :)


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I thought I heard about the breast implants yesterday but decided that I was probably wrong...I guess I wasn't!! Can you believe it????

trash talk said...

If the televised news isn't careful, they're going to become dispensible like magazines. We can only hope. If I have to watch one more slicked hair newscaster yucking it up, I think I'll scream!