Monday Morning Memories

When I was about seven years old, my cousin, Connie Jo, died of leukemia when she was only 9 nine years old. Being a kid, you never quite understand this stuff. All I remember was the horrible times me and my sister were dragged out to the cemetery at Christmas. I hated it!My cousin was an only child, so every Christmas they decorated her grave and my grandpa's with Christmas trees, Santas, toys and wrapped empty boxes. And every year me and my sister had to sit there and have our picture taken. I can understand now that I have kids and now grandkids what a tragic loss this was for my aunt and uncle. I always talked about having my picture taken at the cemetery to my own kids, probably every time someone died. They've heard "that story" for years. And that is one of the main reasons I can't go to places like Forest Lawn.Recently Vinnie's aunt died, and Katie and Vinnie took Riley to her funeral. My parents were buried close to where his aunt was, so Katie brought flowers. And I had asked Katie to take a picture of my dad's plaque since I've never been back since his funeral and wanted to see how it turned out. On my mom's plaque we had a few lines from the song, "Blackbird" by the Beatles and my dad has a lyric from Death Cab for Cutie, "I Will Follow You".So, here is Riley, dusting off her "Great-Grandma's" plaque. And of course, knowing my family, you have to know part of the reason Riley has a picture taken there is due to my many years of being traumatized when I had to sit and have my picture taken grave side. Riley got kind of carried away after she was done wiping Great-Grandma off, and started to make cemetery rounds of cleaning other plaques. Katie had to try and explain to her she could only clean Great-Grandma and Papa! And here's little Riley posing for me, in the cemetery, with her Binky in her mouth! I hope you understand this was done with "loving" humor, that is just the way we are. Riley's first outing as an infant was to my mom's funeral. My mom died a few days after Riley was born. Then again, when Riley was six months old, she had to go to my dad's funeral, who had died on Valentines day back in 2007. Sometimes life throws the curve balls at us, but what are you going to do? That's what life is all about. And my kids all KNOW that they can't "leave" me at the cemetery when my time comes. My ashes are going home with someone in a Mason Jar with NO photos allowed! And let's hope the three of them don't get in a fight over who gets to keep me!!!


trash talk said...

As long as the kids don't set me in a trash bag by the curb, I'll be happy! I don't go "visit" my parents either. They're not there, but reside in my heart for always. That's where I have them for safe keeping.
A funny story...I would prefer to be cremated but Cat Daddy wants us in the same plot! You know one of those where they place you on top of each other! The kids know my wishes and it all just depends on how we depart this earthly place as to which way I'll be handled! If he goes first...it's ashes to ashes for me, baby! Ssh...don't tell him!

Malisa said...

My kids will fight over who HAS to keep the ashes! :)