Monday Morning Memories

My Monday's are like many peoples Saturdays. I work week-ends and am off Mondays, so I have a bit more time to get things done. I mentioned a few posts back, I've been trying to scan many of the old photos of my parents and family while trying to organize them. Above, is a picture of my dad's platoon dog from WWII. My dad, thankfully, wrote on most of his pictures, or made notes about them as you can see the detailed description of Buster! NOW, you can see why all of my family are constantly rescuing our furry little friends. This started generations ago!
This is my dad looking all serious for his "photo opt" in his uniform.This is more like my dad, the guy on the left. He was always such a smartass! Here's my dad again, on the left, with his friends over in Germany. The one thing I will always remember about my dad being such a smartass was about a month before he died. He had lost my mom only a few months prior, and was moved to the Alzheimer floor. If any of you have ever visited THAT floor, it's quite the place to visit! And one day, me being a "dumbass" on that particular day, I decided I would have lunch with my dad and all the other Alzheimer patients on "that floor". Mistake! Alzheimer is a weird disease, if effects people differently. As we sat at the table, my dad was in full form. He was being obnoxious, as usual, telling me he could "beat the hell out of anyone in the room" and then he went on to say he was getting the hell out this place. In the back of the dining room, I hear an old equally smartass ask, "can I have his room", and I thought for sure my dad would beat the hell out of this guy as my dad flipped his head around just looking for the guy that had just popped off! Mr.Moore, Pat the Irishman, Dad, Papa, Great-Papa and the Smartass has given me a lifetime of stories to tell! Thanks Dad.


trash talk said...

I'd be willing to bet he could've too! That dog's name is hilarous!

Malisa said...

Is that the same dog that has the hat on in another photo? How cute! I have to ask you...how did you keep from snorting your green peas across the cafeteria when the funny man asked if he could have your dad's room? Funny story!