I Thought It Was a Dream

I wake up early in the mornings, and the only news I ever watch is only one half hour of it before I start my day. Yesterday, when barely awake, I turned on our local news and there it was, live, the release of the two American journalists! At first, as they were preparing to tow Bing's jet into the hanger, I thought there had been a hijacked plane or some other tragedy. But as I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't dreaming, I was so deeply touched by what I saw. Two young women rescued from North Korea by one of my favorite guys, Bill! Of course, many of you could figure out that I'm a Clinton fan, and I have to admit, I think Bill is pretty nice looking as well. But with all that aside, when I saw the young Ms.Lee pick up her baby girl after being gone so long, tears streamed down my face. How could anyone not be touched by this story?Look at this picture, to me it is still unbelievable! A past President from an administration of over eight years now, helps free these two young women? I always have believed in my heart that the relationships we have with people are always important and should never be trampled on, even in a moment of anger. Yesterdays news gave me "hope" all over again, it really did.


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I guess this shows that talking, even to bad guys, gets us to a much better place. Kudos to Clinton!

Malisa said...

I checked on your blog today because I knew you were gonna talk about Clinton and might need some back up...but look...no bad comments! Isn't it amazing what diplomacy and civility can do?


Debbie's Garden said...

Wasnt that amazing? Gone for about 5 months from home and family. Her little girl seemed a little disoriented. How do you explain where Mommy is to someone so small.

Genie said...

You make me so happy and proud. I am ashamed to say that I stayed quiet for 8 years. Even tho I never voted for a Bush. Clinton is a favorite for me, too.

Today when someone was dragging our President Obama through the mud. I was so angry I finally blew. Thank you for reminding us it is okay.

Teresa said...

I love Bill Clinton too. We have to focus on the best of humanity. Your posts always touch me, and make me think.

Have a beautiful weekend, Sweet Sue.


Lori said...

I think to many people overlooked who Clinton really was with a mistake that many men make and never get caught with, sadly! You've a great site! Lori This was a truely remarkable event and I'm so glad its over for them.