A Different Look at Country Roads

Sometimes it is fun for me to "look" at Country Roads through others eyes. What they pick out to take pictures of is always interesting. And in this case, one of my friends and a dealer at Country Roads, Steve Small, took all of the pictures on this post. He has a "nice" camera, I on the other hand, have the discounted floor model camera that doesn't do our Country Roads justice. Here are some random pictures that Steve took yesterday while at the store.

We REALLY do have some great displays at Country Roads, and the store just looks GOOD right now! For those of you that shop with us regularly you know how inventory turns over daily, and there is something new and different to look at each and every day. Thanks Steve for sharing these photos, I appreciate it!


Malisa said...

Oh, that was FUN! It was interesting to see the store from a different perspective! You know what I saw in Steve's photos? Color! I saw more color! Yes, I love white, but you also have some great colors! Of course, it makes me just want to come out and visit even more! Sigh.

Tanza said...

Always LoVe photos of your store Sue..It is fabulous, and no matter who takes the pics .. makes me want to be there !! Such great junk in your place :):)
hugs ~tanza~

Anonymous said...

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Vintage Market Place said...

I am hoping to stop by and see the store very soon.
can't wait!