When I Need to Escape

I'm the type of person that is always working on something. If I'm not a the store, I'm in my office at home thinking of different projects and articles I need to write for Country Roads or other things I want to do! My brain NEVER turns off and there are times I drive myself crazy, seriously. Yesterday, I desperately needed some "down time". So when I need to escape, I don't travel far or spend much, I go out in my backyard to what my friend Ruthie calls, "Club Med Long Beach"! Over the years I've fixed it up to be my own personal little paradise, my escape!! Outside of my bedroom I have a vintage outdoor rocking chair and lounge. My dog, Sally the Cabana dog, sits on the lounge, while I sit in my rocking chair. I put on my awesome Bose headphones (which if you are into music these are worth every penny), plug them into my ipod, and I'm GONE, I've escaped. Yesterday afternoon was a little chilly, but it was beautiful out. I watched seagulls fly back to the beach and the sun start to set. I instantly began to relax. I "have"to have music in my life. In my house music is always playing as it is with most anything else I do, I have music playing. Music can lift you when you're down, as it fills your head with the poetry of words. It makes me feel good, relaxed and clears out any negitive junk in my head. And just like "that", I'm gone, thanks to music. As one of my favorite artist, Michael Franti's, song is titled, "Everyone Deserves Music"! Need I say more?


Malisa said...

Well, I tell you...I could hang out there and chill out! I LOVE how you have personalized your outdoor area! That cigarette machine is a hoot...and that moon sign is mine! Can't wait to see it all in person!


Teresa said...

take me with you! please!