Why Is Riley Smiling?

See that cute little smile, and why is Riley smiling? Well, here's the deal, and I know it's not nice, but I'm not very happy with Mr.Wonderful right now. He hurt Katie's feelings. Riley calls Mr. Wonderful, "Papa" which of course I don't like because that is what my kids use to call my dad. After a few practice rounds, Riley got it down perfect. Gramma would say, "what is Papa", and Riley would smile and say, "Papa jackass". And then she would smile like she did in the picture above and it made me smile as well. As I always say, it's funny how those little things in life can make your day better, like Riley, "what is Papa", follwed by her big grin, "papa jackass". I agree with her too!


The Renaissance Chick said...

Riley is smiling because she has such a wonderful Gramma! I tell you he doesn't deserve the title Mr. Wonderful.

Riley's smile is terrific!


Teresa said...

You rock Sue! I love it.