Happy St. Patty's Day

  So, today is St.Patricks Day and I remembered it this morning as I put on my Van's green camo tennis shoes, but got busy and forgot about it the rest of the day. I didn't sleep to well last night and then I think today I just felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I mean, you can't pick up a newspaper, or turn on the tv, or even go to work without hearing about the word I've learned to hate, the "economy". I'm so sick of that word! Whenever I like to escape to smell the salt air, and I have banking to do, I make a short ten minute drive and I'm at the beach in Old Towne Seal Beach. I kind of forgot this afternoon about St. Patricks day. Old Towne Seal Beach is BIG on celebrating this holiday. After all you've got O'Malleys Pub(my favorite), Hennesey's, and Clancy's to name a few. The sidewalks were PACKED with early party people all decked out in green and some great people watching to say the least! There was a part of me that longed for my younger days and being one of those "party people", but today was not the day. After I managed to get my banking done, I drove back down to the Marina. It is a beautiful sunny SoCal day here. The sun sparkling on the water, a slight breeze, it kind of relaxes you. I took a short walk by all the boats before I got back in my car to finish my work at home. There's days that we all just need to find a few minutes here and there for ourselves. Mine was a simple fix. . .I just needed that ocean breeze and my life became a lot less stressful.
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Jacque said...

That sea breeze will do it every time, My Aunt has her boat docked down there. She is the Captain and does services for the Neptune Society, what she does is a beautiful thing, I have been thinking about taking it on, but up here in Northern CA. I checked the boats in your picture, not hers....~Jacque

Barntiques said...

It is funny how we all have our ways of getting back in touch with ourselves. For me, sitting in the middle of Iowa, it is the farmer and the ground he works on. I love to feel my previous life as mother earth. Enjoy reading your blog.