Moonlight Hollow's Treasure Hunt!

If I was ever going to hang out with a pirate, you know like go out in his boat in the beautiful Pacific ocean for a ride, maybe have a Corona or two with him, I think my pirate would be like the guy in the picture! What is this all about? Malisa and her pal, Karen, over at Moonlight Hollow are having this treasure hunt thing to celebrate her 100th post! And if I post this, I think I get some clues the day before (God knows I need all the help I can get). And if YOU follow the instructions, you might get some help as well. For all the exciting details, I would say "click here", but I know I would screw it up. So instead, go over to the little pink box and click that for all the details. Okay, I need to get going, I'm headed down to the beach to see if I can hitch a ride in the guy above's boat, ship, or even a dingy would work!!


The Texas Woman said...

I don't know how good I'll do on Moonlight's treasure hunt but Johnny Depp could hang his pirate hat on my bed post any time!

The Texas Woman

Teresa said...

And he could put his boots under my bed anytime! That's my kinda pirate!