Nothing Like A Surpirse in The Mail!

 Today I went out to get my mail from the mailbox. I was expecting the usual junk, nothing exciting. Then I saw this big envelope addressed to "Gramma and Riley". It was from my dear sweet friend Ruthie who now lives in Florida. She has always been a gardener, it is one of her passions. The garden she left back here in what use to be her home,(thanks Susan), had the most beautiful garden. She would spend hours in it and you could tell just by a glimpse that it was a well kept garden that was tended with lots of love. She was bring in oranges, avocados, and flowers to us at Country Roads.I have been writing to Ruthie about wanting to start gardening with Riley. We've still got the sunflowers we need to plant. So, when I opened the big envelope, the book pictured above was inside. On the inside cover she had written the date followed by, "For Riley and Gramma. . . Happy Gardening xx00 Ruthie". I've always found in my life that it is usually the most simple things that mean the most to me, that fill my heart with joy. Riley and I will treasure this book forever because it was something that was so simple, yet filled with so much love. You rock Ruthie!!
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Malisa said...

Isn't that the sweetest? Has Riley seen it yet? She will want to be digging in the dirt and planting seeds! I got tickled by your (thanks, Susan)! I remember your story...and I got the sarcastic little jab! You go!


Jacque said...

I love this Ruthie of yours, she sounds like a wonderful person! Enjoy gardening with Riley, it will affect her in a positive way for the rest of her life. Some of my favorite times with my grandma were spent gardening and learning the names of all the wildflowers. Every time I see a violet I think of my Grandma ~ my yard is over flowing with violets! ~Jacque