My Surprise Little Visitor

Late this afternoon my son-in-law, Vinnie, dropped by with Riley. He was waiting for Katie to get home from work. I didn't hear them come in, but I DID hear the sound of little footsteps running through the house yelling, "Gramma"! And off course she then jumps into my arms and I get a big hug and kisses! Riley's next stop is to find her buddy Leonard, and give him a big hug. That cat is so patient with her. Then Riley decided what toys she wanted to play with and off we went into the family room to play dinosaurs and cars! Riley also likes to roll around on the floor and be tickled as well. I have got to tell you, a surprise visit from Riley ALWAYS makes my day a whole lot bettter!


Teresa said...

A smile like that just has to make your day.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

You are so lucky! She's is so adorable!