The "Riley and Leonard" Love Affair Continues

The best part of any week for me, is when I get to spend time with Riley! She comes over to my house, and we just play all day. Ever since Riley was a baby, Leonard has loved her, and it continues as she grows. Leonard showed up at my "other" house right after Mr.Wonderful left. That was a REALLY good swap for me! I won on that one! Leonard (I think Brande named him) was this old tomcat that we all fell in love with, and now Riley and Leonard have their own special love affair going on. The minute Riley was through my front door and he hears her, Leonard comes running. This is the way Riley and Leonard like to spend their day!

"Hi Leonard, what do you wanna play today"

"Now are you gonna eat or what, you don't want me to MAKE you eat, now do you"

"Don't even try Lennie, I can stare longer than anyone I know, just watch"

"See, I told you I would win, little kids are great at starring at everybody"

"Want me to teach you how to play Candyland, I know how, its fun"

"I'm sorry Fluffy that Leonard won't let you play, here's some food I made for you"

"I had lots of fun today Gramma, I love you"! I love you too Riley, always will!!


Malisa said...

You have to enlarge that last photo! That is beautiful! I swear that Leonard and Riley are "best buds"! Poor Fluffy must feel like the fifth wheel! Maybe Morgan and Fluffy can be "best buds"!


Malisa said...

Oh, I forgot to say that I love your sarcasm about getting the good end of the deal with losing My Baby's Daddy and getting Leonard! Your humor was not lost!


Sweet Remembrance said...

Could Riley be any cuter?
What a doll baby!